The 8 best railway stations in Bristol - including Severn Beach and Montpelier

We’ve chosen eight for attractiveness, access, facilities and quirkiness

Let’s start with the bad news. It was a travesty that only one of our proud, often historic, railway station in the Bristol region was shortlisted for the the South West in the World Cup of Stations - and then a further blow for Yatton not to make it to the final.

So we decided to create our own World Cup of Bristol Stations, celebrating the passenger stops we use, and sometimes love, for their facilities, beauty and quirkiness.

And yes, we accept there aren’t too many to chose from (thank you Beeching) but we hope this list will remind you of the great stations we have to offer in the region, and why we need some more to help ease congestion and support the environment.

Have we missed a station? Email [email protected]

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