In pictures: 7 Bristol takeaways with the worst food hygiene ratings in the city

These cheap and cheerful takeaways are dotted all over the city

We all have our favourite late night food pitstops after a visit to the pub or club.

And after a few drinks, perhaps, the last thing on your mind might be how clean the kitchen is where your nocturnal nosh is being prepared and served.

Of course, one obvious tell tale sign is the green sticker on the front window with the establishment’s hygiene rating.

We’ve looked at the Bristol takeaways with the worst hygiene ratings - scores of zero or one-star.

A zero score means that ‘urgent improvement’ is necessary, while a one-star rating still sees 'major improvement' needed.

To put these into context, a five-star rating is given to the cleanest establishments where no changes to food preparation, organisation and storage need to be made.

One of the businesses in the list is expecting a new rating is ‘pending’ after re-inspection.

The ratings are supplied by the Food Standards Agency and were correct as of July 24, 2023.

Here are the seven Bristol takeaways with the worst food hygiene ratings, of either zero or one star.