Student suing Bristol University over claims it failed to protect her from trans activists

Raquel Rosario-Sanchez has started her sex discrimination and negligence case against Bristol University

A PhD student has launched a civil action against ‘Britain’s wokest university’ - claiming officials failed to stop her from being harassed by trans campaigners.

Raquel Rosario-Sanchez says Bristol University bosses didn’t tackle transgender activists who subjected her to a two-year ‘’hate campaign’’.

She said she was targeted for attending feminist meetings that opposed allowing men who identify as women into female-only spaces such as toilets and domestic violence refuges.

Rosario-Sanchez says she was also harassed over her involvement with the campaigning group Woman’s Place UK.

Ms Rosario-Sanchez said she was told by diversity chiefs that the term ‘maternity’ was now ‘problematic’ and ‘exclusionary’.

She said when pointed out that only a biological woman can give birth, she was reported to human resources bosses for being ‘transphobic’, investigated by the university and ordered to apologise.

She also claims Bristol dismissed her complaint about men being allowed in the female changing rooms at the pool.

She has today started her sex discrimination and negligence case against the institution at a court in Bristol.

Speaking on her blog before the hearing, she said: ‘’My name is Raquel Rosario Sánchez.

‘’I have been bullied and harassed by students at the University of Bristol for my feminist principles for over three years.

‘’The University has not only failed to protect me by upholding their own policies but instead, has decided to blame and gaslight me while enabling its overwhelmingly white, British and Russell-Group-educated bullies.

‘’My case is about how an elite university treats its students, particularly international students, when nobody is watching.

‘’My case seeks to ensure what is happening to me does not happen to other students.’’

She describes herself as a feminist writer, campaigner and researcher from the Dominican Republic.

She was was accepted on a PhD course at the University of Bristol in January 2018.

Rosario-Sanchez lists her academic specialism as ‘’ending violence against girls and women’’.

Ms Rosario-Sanchez says her ordeal began when she agreed to chair a meeting for the feminist organisation Woman’s Place UK (WPUK) in February 2018.

Trans activists have branded WPUK a ‘hate group’ for opposing Government proposals to allow people to ‘self-identify’ as the opposite sex.

After she filed a bullying complaint, the university launched a disciplinary hearing against one of the trans activists, but dropped the proceedings, prompting Ms Rosario-Sanchez to start legal action.

Group ‘Fair Play For Women’ described Bristol as ‘’surely the wokest university in Britain’’

A university spokesman said: ‘Ms Rosario-Sanchez has chosen to take legal action. Given this, we will not comment further.’

The hearing started today (Tues).