The rooftop area is an absolute show stealer in this home, and it’s a somewhat hidden surprise to the well-designed property

Step inside this Clifton property that even comes with it’s own rooftop bar

Fancy a rooftop party at your own home? Well, this Clifton property comes complete with its own bar so we took a look inside

Ever fancied hosting your own big nights and parties? Well, your luck could be in now because Elephant Bristol is marketing a property in Clifton that comes complete with its very own rooftop bar.

Yes, you heard us right. And it’s not just any old bar, either, but an incredibly well-designed, beautiful hangout area that will have all your friends desperate to come and see you!

This property has recently come on the market and is incredibly well-designed, stylishly presented, and has all sorts of quirky and unique details to make sure it truly stands out from the crowd.

Fancy a peek inside?

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