Star Wars Day: 8 pictures from the special event at the Retro Bristol store

Darth Vader, Hera and Stormtroopers among the characters to appear at the retro shop

Star Wars fans were out in force to meet the film’s iconic characters at the Retro Bristol store in Brislington.

A special Star Wars day was organised by shop owner Richard Barrett and MK Garrison, a non-profit making Star Wars costume group that raises money for various charities.

Fans had selfies taken with the characters and bought Star Wars toys and collectables at the shop on Brislington Hill.

Richard Barrett said: “We had a very busy day and loads of people turned up to have photos taken with the characters, as well as passers-by who just happened to walking past.”

Last month, Retro Bristol attracted huge queues for the appearance of Home & Away stars Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor.

The next event is on June 13 when legendary puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew will be in the shop to have photos taken with the popular Zippy puppet from 1970s children’s TV show Rainbow.

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