Seven of the best street food stalls in Bristol you may not know about

As Bristol comes out on top as one of the best cities in Europe for street food, we look at those hidden gems and where you can find them

With a pretty impressive and diverse street food scene, and new cuisine vans popping up all over the city each year, it’s not surprising that Bristol has been voted one of the best cities in Europe for street food by Travel Mag.

In a list compiled by looking at cities that have their own distinctive street food scene with dishes and delicacies particular to that place, it also takes into consideration food festivals, daily and weekly markets, and covered food courts.

Although it omits the obvious leading large street food cities such as London, Paris and Barcelona, Bristol has done very well to be included in such a talented list.

The feature states: “In cities across Europe, some of the continent’s most tasty and creative food is served from curbside carts, kiosks and market stalls.

“Locals and visitors flock to daily and weekly markets where purveyors serve up delicacies from under gazebos and vintage trucks.

“Those in the know head to the six-day-a-week foodie heaven of St Nicholas Market, home to everything from Szechuan noodles and Persian wraps to zingy tacos and comforting pie and mash, while at the Tobacco Factory Sunday Marketpatisserie, Italian arancini and kombucha fly off the shelves.”

With so many brilliant locations for street food across Bristol, where should you be looking out for? To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best.

And we’re not just talking about the usual suspects and the vans parked up on the centre, we’ve delved into some of the perhaps lesser-known pop-ups and street food delights you can find across Bristol.

It’s no wonder you might not have heard about the wonder that is Smak Bristol, as they’re pretty hard to keep up with. With the founder having trained at Leith’s in London, Smak aims to provide delicious comforting food that brings enjoyment and fulfillment.

Keep your eyes peeled at locations such as their most frequented Newtown Park Taproom, or find them at Finzels Reach, Paintworks, Kask Wine on North Street or Left Handed Giant Taproom. Expect to sink your teeth into meatballs,smørrebrød and tunnbrõdsrulle.

The popular East African eatery has been stealing the hearts of people across Bristol and Somerset with its pop-ups for two years now, which you can often find at places such as Paintworks or Basement Beers.

Although not strictly a street food stall anymore, it is worth mentioning that you can now find them at their first bricks-and-mortar street food restaurant in The Coach House, St Paul’s for lunch any day Tuesday to Saturday.

Find Good for Bellie at Propyard in Bristol, although check her out on social media as her street food stall is often popping up in locations across the south west. The chef and holistic guide constantly changes her menus with the seasons and only uses local produce, with dishes such as dahls, falafels, burgers and samosas.

Hummusapiens might be well known by some, but what you might not have realised, is that you can find them popping up at the Old Bookshop on North Street seven days a week!

The popular street food stall is often hiding away in locations all across Bristol, so it’s nice to know where you can definitely find them. You can also try their delicious bowls of hummus at Finzels Reach Market, Temple Quay Market and at Harbourside with Buoy Street Food. Considering Bristol is known for its hummus and falafel eating ways, we think this one might clinch the hotspot for showcasing exactly what the locals want to eat!

Ceylon and Beyond are both authentic, and a little bit different, with the ayurvedic touch making it good for your body and soul

If you love Sri Lankan cuisine, this authentic Sri Lankan street food stall is the one for you. With their herbalist and Ayurvedic interests, Ceylon and Beyond focus on phytotherapeutic and naturopathic ingredients, superfood stimulators, and energetic balancers. They believe that food is medicine, both for the body and soul.

They move around different markets across the city each week, but you can also find them for street food takeaway on the Food Stuff Bristol app.

Given that they’ve just won Best Burger in the UK, it would be rude not to include the Bedminster-based street food business. Find them at Propyard at the moment, but you can also look out for them across other locations in Bristol - the best way to stay ahead of the crowds is to take a look at their social media pages for location updates.

Danny Hawke creating The Beef Chucky 2.0 for Danny’s Burgers

Born on the streets of Bristol, Peckers is focused on only bringing the highest welfare dishes to the table, with deliciousness to match. All the chicken is slow-reared, free -range and sourced from the most prestigious poultry farmers in the south west.

Often moving around between places such as Harbourside, Temple Quay, Printworks, Tobacco Factory and Bloc Climbing, it’s worth following their movements on social media to get in on the fried chicken action.