Councillor opposes plans for more than 500 homes to be built on green belt land in Brislington

Brislginton West Councillor Andrew Varney has attempted to set up a meeting with Bellway Homes

The plan to build up to 555 homes and a community centre on green belt land next to Brislington’s Park and Ride have been opposed by a Bristol councillor.

Andrew Varney is a Liberal Democrat councillor for Brislington West.

He and his fellow council member Jos Clark have told Bristol World that they oppose the plans brought forth by developer Bellway Homes.

The development company is currently undertaking survey work and technical assessments at the 39 acre site off Bath Road.

Councillor Varney said: “We do not want development on green belt land.

“Yes, the land was earmarked for development but since then that plan has been chucked out as it was not fit for purpose.

The 39-acre site off the Bath Road where Bellway Homes want to build up to 555 homes

“Several factors have changed since the original plan was announced including a declaration of a climate crisis.”

The plan includes the building of 555 homes, a children’s play area, green spaces, roads and a community centre.

Councillor Varney is not opposed to the building of new homes in his ward - just the location that has been chosen.

He said: “We recognise the need for housing but it should be sustainable.

“Why not build the houses on brownfield sites - we have huge areas with derelict industrial units available in Brislington

“Yes it is more expensive for developers but we can’t go on expanding into green belt land during a climate emergency.

“It’s time to put our money where our mouth is.

“This is the biggest issue of our generation and if we don’t start making changes there will be nothing left.”

Bellway Homes do not agree as they do not think the estate will have a significant impact on the environment.

So much so that they want an agreement which says that an Environmental Impact Assessment is not required ahead of the full submission of their plans.

Cllr Varney has attempted to set up a meeting with the housing development company alongside Jos Clark.

They have not yet responded to their request to talk about the impact of the development on the local environment.