Throughout its history, Bristol been a home to thousands of prisoners across its many prisons. Few of its original prisons are still in use but here are some pictures documenting their eerie cells and stories.

7 photographs from the recesses of Bristol’s lost prisons where executions were held and prisoners whipped

Cramped conditions, routine whippings and executions held during some of your lifetimes - take a deepdive into the past of Bristol’s prison system

Due to its role as a historic port city, Bristol has had more than its fair share of prisons over the years.

By the early 19th century at least three separate sites were in use across the city to house those awaiting trial for heinous crimes and to hold prisoners serving sentences. Currently, HMP Bristol is the sole prison in use in the city’s boundaries. The Category B prison is home to around 700 inmates.

Behind its high walls, you can find remnants of its original form, Horfield Prison which hosted more than a dozen executions - with the most recent taking place during the 1960s. Bristol’s original prisons tell a dark history and we have picked out six eerie images documenting their tales.

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