22 incredible photographs showing the devastation of Bristol in the Blitz

More than 1,000 Bristolians lost their lives during the Blitz

During the Second World War, Bristol sustained heavy bombing raids at the hands of Nazi Germany.

Throughout 1940 and 1941, much of the city centre and its surrounding areas were obliterated by high explosive and incendiary bombs as the Luftwaffe targeted its docks and shipping yards.

In total, 1,299 people were killed due to the Blitz and 89,080 buildings were damaged including around 84,000 homes. Between November 24, 1940 and April 11, 1941 there were six major bombing raids with 548 air raid alerts and 77 air raids.

The damage would go on to shape the city as it was left to sieve through the ruins and rebuild itself after the war had been won. Among the most notable transformations is Bristol’s main shopping district, Broadmead.

Pre-war, Castle Street was the shopping hub - a place where thousands would gather to spend their money. German bombing raids reduced almost every building in the district to rubble leading the council to create the Castle Park development we have today back in the 60s and create a shopping centre in Broadmead.

Here are 22 images showing the devastation caused during the Bristol Blitz: