Bristol dad says reaction to UK’s first vegan ice-cream van on Narrow Quay has been phenomenal

The van has been well-received on Narrow Quay

A Bristol dad launching the UK’s first vegan ice-cream van has had a successful first month parked up at the Harbourside, with visitors going ‘mental’ for his ‘Whippy’ treats made from coconut.

While vegan ice-cream is widely available in shops these days, traditional Whippy style ice-cream without dairy has been the stuff of myths - until now, as you can pick one up from The Happy Cow.

The UK’s first vegan ice-cream van has had a successful first month at Narrow Quay.

The business is Chris Reed’s latest venture inbetween running Farrows chip shop in Totterdown and looking after his two daughters.

It’s been a while in the making but Chris is now fully up and running in his distinct pink and white van on Narrow Quay, and he says the reaction has been phenomenal.

Chris, 45, told BristolWorld: “We’ve been here for a month now and the response has been great.

“We already have a big vegan following but we’ve also had customers with a dairy intolerance who haven’t had a Whippy for years.

“Then there are the sceptics, but once they’ve tried a plant-based Whippy they say do you know what, it’s really good.

“I spent ages trying to find the right ice-cream so I know it’s good, and I think the taste way better than the original. I wanted it to be an ice-cream for everyone.”

Chris Reed set up the van because he wanted to provide an ice-cream that everyone, even those on plant-based diets and with dairy intolerances, could enjoy.

Chris says the van’s fresh sauces and toppings, which he spent months devising, also help The Happy Cow to stand out.

He added: “We don’t use flakes, because obviously they’re made from milk chocolate, but instead you can have peanuts, praline, crushed oreo or biscoff, which people love.

“We also do a caramel crunch and a mint crunch which have gone down really well, as well our strawberry and mango sauces.

Biscoff biscuit instead of a flake anyone?

“The toppings will change all the time and I have a few new ideas. I’m hoping to launch a coffee sauce next week.”

The van will be open at Narrow Quay for the next six months from Wednesday to Sunday.

At the moment it opens from around lunchtime further into the evenings, closing at 8pm.

For more details follows The Happy Cow on Instragam.