Newly wed bride reveals wedding heartbreak after passport delay left her unable to go on honeymoon

A newly wed bride has shared how she had to miss her honeymoon because her new passport didn’t arrive in time.

Daniella Cheetham, 27, had ordered her new passport with her married name on in March ready for their honeymoon but heartbreakingly found out on her wedding day that it wouldn’t arrive in time.

She said: “Even though it was my wedding day I was heartbroken. We haven’t been on a holiday with just us two without the kids. It was what we needed with the year after Covid.”

The 27-year-old and her husband Matt revealed they have been left out of pocket following passport office assurances that it would arrive, which meant they didn’t cancel their honeymoon in time to receive a refund, according to The Star.

Daniella and husband, Matt, on their wedding day. The pair were unable to go on their honeymoon after Daniella found out on the morning of her wedding she'd be unable to collect her passport from the office the next day.

The mum from Sheffield said: “Easyjet said there was nothing they could do and we had to scrimp and save to even afford this holiday. We haven’t rebooked because we couldn’t afford it.”


Daniella contacted her MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary Louise Haigh, about the 12 week wait for her passport and the MP said the government was failing holidaygoers.

“From processing passports to getting people through airports, this hapless Tory government are so mired in scandal and chaos they can’t even get the basics right,” Haigh said.

Despite the passport situation, Daniella still enjoyed a “magical” wedding day with her now-husband, adding: “It was such a lovely day. It was the best day we could have asked for. It went just as we planned it, it was really, really lovely.”