Here’s just one of several photographs showing old and current railway stations across Bristol. Here’s a picture of Temple Meads from the 1930s.

Nine incredible pictures which unravel the history of Bristol’s railways

There are calls to reopen some of the closed stations featured

Bristol might today just be served by six major railway routes - but 50 years ago, before the infamous Beeching Cuts, there were many more with evidence still visible of some of the routes now, including the Mangotsfield and Bath branch line which now serves as the Bristol to Bath railway path.

Another old line still visible is the Portishead Railway with disued stations at Ashton Gate and Clifton Bridge - however, this line could soon be brought back into use after plans to reopen it took a major step forward earlier this month.

Other routes are harder to find. The Bristol and North Somerset Railway, which included Brislington and Whitchurch among its stops, is one which only becomes clear in Pensford where the viaduct once carrying trains still stands proudly.

With each line lost many stations also went. And some stations along current lines have also gone. Here’s a look back at some of the stations, plus still some in use today, including Bristol Temple Meads:

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