Netflix After Life: Bristol’s Ashton Court the location for donated bench to promote mental health

The Campaign Against Living Miserably has teamed up with Netflix to install benches in cities across the UK to help get people talking

A bench which promotes mental health awareness will be introduced in Bristol as part of a mental health campaign.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has teamed up with Netflix to gift the benches to towns and cities across the UK.

CALM has said how benches are a place where people can reflect, talk to someone and get things off your chest.

To help with this, the benches are also inscribed with that crucial line from the show, ‘Hope is everything’ –  to help people have those conversations and to show it’s normal to have those feelings.

One of these benches will be installed at Ashton Court for people to use and chat to others.

A spokesperson at CALM said: “We know talking to someone you trust really can help.

“Opening up about to your mates or family is not an easy thing to do. But starting that conversation can be the start of getting the support you need.

A man cycles past trees that are begining to show their autumn colours in the early morning light at the Ashton Court Estate.

“By helping them better understand and support you, you’re giving you – and them – the best chance of doing that.”

They added: “Like After Life shows, grief doesn’t always make sense, and how you feel can change from day to day or hour to hour.

“It’s common to hear the saying ‘time is a healer’ or words to that effect, but grief isn’t something you ‘get through’.

“It can resurface years after a loss and can feel just as intense. Having someone to support us when we’re experiencing grief is important, as is being able to talk openly about how you feel.”

25 benches will be installed across the UK in total.

In After Life, the show, the bench in the graveyard scenes play a vital role to the story line.

Tony (Ricky Gervais) sits alongside Anne (Penelope Wilton) to reflect on the grief they have both experienced in their lives.

Anne is the one person who Tony feels he can truly open up to, and having someone to confide in openly is something that the campaign is hoped will promote.

“I don’t think any harm can come from discussing taboo subjects – if we don’t, they stay taboo because people are scared to talk about them,” Ricky Gervais said at the launch of the campaign.

“After Life let people talk about grief, and it was so good to start the conversation.”