Easton tower block fire: man who died after falling from 16th floor is named as father of 7

The 30-year-old had fled the Taliban in Afghanistan seeking asylum for his family

The man who died in an Easton tower block fire on Sunday (September 25) has been named as Abdul Jabar Oryakhel, a father of seven.

Abdul, 30, died when he fell from a 16th floor window trying to escape a fire in his cousin’s flat which had been caused by an e-bike charger catching alight.

The three other people in the flat at the time survived - two by hanging from the window, 16 floors above the ground, before firefighters pulled them to safety.

Mr Oryakhel had only been in Bristol for a few months having escaped the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan before settling in the city.

He had travelled across the Channel in a boat, in February, and was seeking asylum status as he lived with his cousin at Twinnell House.

Once asylum would be granted, he planned to bring his wife and seven children to the UK to escape the Taliban regime.