Lorry hauled out of Bristol’s floating harbour - after falling in with The Outlaws costumes inside

The lorry is finally free after being submerged in Bristol harbour for most of the day

An artic lorry carrying costumes from Stephen Merchant’s TV series The Outlaws was hauled out of Bristol’s floating harbour after plunging into the water this morning.

The dramatic fall happened near the V-shed Wetherspoon’s pub shortly after 7am, with the vehicle narrowly missing boats moored in the area.

Avon Fire and Rescue teams were quickly on the scene and cordoned off the area around the lorry while shocked joggers, cyclists and people out on their morning walk took pictures of the scene.

The HGV was taking away costumes following the last day of filming for The Outlaws, a new BBC series written by Stephen Merchant and set in Bristol.

Dave Spragg, from TV vehicle support group ADF, said his colleague was connecting the truck to the lorry front when it rolled back into the water.

Fortunately, he managed to jump away in time, Mr Spragg said.

People in the nearby boats were alerted

Three fire appliances, one heavy rescue tender and a boat were used to secure the lorry and used two winches along with nearby trees for additional support.

Crowds standing at the side of the harbour cheered as the lorry was finally rescued.

A spokesperson for Avon Fire and Rescue said: “Crews assisted a vehicle recovery team in recovering a lorry from Bristol Harbour.

Bristol residents taking their morning constiution around the harbour got a shock this morning when a HGV plunged into the Harbour before their very eyes.

“Firefighters used heavy rescue equipment, including stabilising equipment.

“Water rescue teams and the service boat were also in attendance to assist the recovery and ensure crew safety.

“The harbourmaster and police were also in attendance.”