Levelling Up Fund 2023: UK government award £2.1 billion to communities - how much money has Bristol received?

More than 100 projects have received funding from the UK government as part of the Levelling Up Fund for 2023 - including Bristol.

The UK government has announced the local communities that have received a sum from the £2.1 billion Levelling Up Fund for 2023. More than 100 projects have received funding, including in Bristol.

The aim of the “landmark” scheme is to breathe new life into all parts of the country. It includes cities and towns in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The funding issued is split into three different categories. A total of £672 million has been allocated to improve transport links, £821 million to kick-start community regeneration, and £594 million to restore local heritage sites.

This is round two of the Levelling Up Fund. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed there will be further opportunities to support more local communities across the country in due course.

The Levelling Up Fund for this year has been distributed to 111 areas with most notable investments being a new AI campus in Blackpool and new rail links in Cornwall. Here is everything you need to know about the investment  Bristol has received.

Levelling Up Fund 2023: Investment in Bristol

Bristol City Council has received funding from the government to help transform Filwood Broadway. A sum of £14,536,470 million has been invested in the local community.

The aim of the allocation of financial resources is to provide new high quality housing, community and business space in Filwood. It will boost the community centre and its outdoor recreation areas.