This is the Redfield house sold by Boardwalk for £60k over asking

Inside the Victorian terrace in Redfield which sold for £60,000 over asking price

With properties in Redfield selling for well over the asking price, we take a look inside one of them and discover what it is that people in Bristol are searching for

Sunday, 3rd April 2022, 7:26 am
Updated Sunday, 3rd April 2022, 8:27 am

A property in Redfield has proven that East Bristol is the place to be at the moment in Bristol, by selling for £60,000 over its asking price of £370,000.

The popular area in East Bristol, neighboured by St. George Park and Easton, is on the up when it comes to desirable places to live and definitely on the up when it comes to house prices, too.

“Redfield, and the surrounding areas of St George and Whitehall, has seen lots of notable prices of both old and new homes,” explains Nick Stopard, founder of Boardwalk who marketed the property.

“Terraced houses are consistently selling at prices that are higher than historical prices for the road and the area. Around five years ago, houses would rarely sell for over £300,000 in this area of Redfield.”

He tells us how people are wanting Victorian terraces like this one that are close to bustling high streets and the city, as well as green spaces, so it’s not hard to see why Redfield is becoming quite so popular.

Add into this that the area is filled with slightly smaller properties with big potential, and demand is starting to outstrip the supply. “The homes are a bit smaller so they are in a busier price bracket, but often with potential to extend in future,” says Mr Stopard.

Take a look inside at what you get and discover what could make your home go for £60,000 more…

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