Whether you are new to Bristol or are an old-timer, you are likely to find something new in this list of 10 hidden gems found within the city.

10 hidden gems in Bristol & beyond to discover - from hidden nuclear bunkers to a cosy cinema for two

Whether you are new to Bristol or are an old-timer, we hope you find something new to explore in this list of hidden gems

Bristol is a historic city packed full of culture and history - enough so that even the oldest of residents are likely to have missed every unique place within the city limits.

During its long and esteemed history, Bristol has always drawn curious visitors. Whether you are new to the area or are an old-timer, Bristol World has put together this list which we hope provides places you’ll want to spend a day or evening exploring.

From the old to the new, away from the usual sites and shopping centres, this list should lead you down rabbit holes and interesting turns with fascinating stories.

Whether you’re an urban explorer hoping to investigate the city’s long-lost nuclear bunker, built during the cold war, or looking to book a vintage cinema night just for two - here are 10 hidden gems to be found in Bristol:

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