People wade through the knee-high waters along Marsh Road / Winterstoke Road.

Great Bristol Flood of 1968: 10 incredible pictures showing aftermath

Everyday life was brought to a standstill

July 10 1968, Bristol. Around two months of rainfall fell in less than 48 hours over the city. Roughly, 3,000 properties were flooded and eight people died as a result of the rising waters. The incident would become known as the Great Flood.

Much of the city was submerged as people came to terms with their losses and tried to pick themselves off of the damp floor. Everyday life was brought to a standstill with 24 abandoned buses dotted around the streets, no trains were able to reach Bristol for several hours as landslides and tunnel flooding prevented progress. Ashton Gate and Eastville stadiums were flooded.

In South Bristol, lower-floor residents in high-rise flats took refuge with their neighbours above them and people gradually returned to work - and some snapped pictures of the damage caused by the flood. Here are 10 pictures Bristol World has selected documenting what it would have been like to walk the streets of South Bristol in the days after the Great Flood of 1968.

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