Friends drive two days to Ukraine to deliver essential supplies such as dry food and clothes

The friends were left in shock when they saw the queue of vehicles and people at the Ukrainian border with Poland

Jack Hulcoop, Liam Seymour and Harry Burgan spent last weekend driving a three and a half tonne van from Bristol to Ukraine.

On Friday 4 March the friends from Brislington set off from the Emersons Green Village Hall, where a collection has been taking place for the refugees.

After driving for many hours they spent the night with a friend in Poland before then continuing on to Ukraine, crossing the border close to the western city of Lviv Oblast late on Sunday March 6.

There they met with a contact before heading back to cross the border, where they were left shocked by a huge queue of people and vehicles waiting to leave Ukraine.

Friends Jack Hulcoop, Liam Seymour and Harry Burgan travelled to Ukraine to take aid from Bristol

Jack, aged 32, said: “It was dark, but we could not see the end of the queue - it went on forever. It was so cold, but also so quiet. It reminded me of the scene in the Titanic at the end where people were on the water after the ship sank.

“I felt so much for all those people, and just hope what we brought will bring some help to those in need.”

Jack got the idea to go out after watching the news and deciding he wanted to do something to help. When he saw the collection centre at Emersons Green needed volunteers to drive, he put himself forward along with two friends.

He took over medical supplies, dry food, toys and clothes.

Queues of people at the border waiting to leave Ukraine and head into Poland

Whilst on the road Jack didn’t see any conflict first hand but he did see refugees fleeing the country.

“It was a shock to see in person,” he said.

“It isn’t the same as when you see it on TV - it took me a few days to process what I saw when I got back home.

“It really made me realise how lucky we are.”

Items taken out of the truck driven by the three friends and given to Ukrainian contacts

Jack wants to drive another van of supplies over to Ukraine in the future and even volunteer at a refugee camp if possible.

“Seeing the amount of donations people are bringing in is amazing,” he said.

“People are doing whatever they can do to support the refugees and I hope that continues.”