Dr Who: Filming taking place in Bristol for 60th Anniversary Special

Props labelled ‘Whoniverse’ have popped up on Bristol streets

<p>Doctor Who filming in Bristol.</p>

Doctor Who filming in Bristol.

Film crews working on what is thought to be the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special have been spotted unloading props and set dressings across Bristol.

Dozens of crew members descended on St Stephen’s Avenue, Clare Street and Broad Street today (Tuesday, June 14) after scenes including an ‘explosion’ on a quiet residential street were filmed in Cardiff last week.

The Chez Martel creperie on Broad Street has been transformed into a Toy Emporium. Could this be the dwelling of the Celestial Toy Maker? Photo by Will Steele @_AlmostOriginal.

Fans of the Time Lord dashing to get a closer look reported piles of curious props on Clare Street and St Stephen’s Avenue such as mannequin torsos and ruined aeroplane parts, most of which are labelled ‘Whoniverse’.

The Chez Marcel creperie on Broad Street has also been transformed into ‘Mr Emporium’ toy shop amid rumours that Neil Patrick Harris, who landed a role as a ‘mysterious villain’ on the show, could be playing the Celestial Toymaker.

Although neither the BBC nor co-producers Bad Wolf have confirmed it’s an episode of Doctor Who that’s being filmed, a Twitter fan account named ‘Doctor Who Production News’ claimed filming will commence ‘probably near Temple Meads’ tomorrow (Wednesday, June 15).

Horse box being unloaded on Clare Street. Photo by Will Steele @_AlmostOriginal.

The account also claimed that neon road signs that have appeared across the city reading ‘TB LOC’, ‘TB BASE’ and ‘TB TECHS’ point to filming locations.

Little is known about the 60th Anniversary Special or exactly when it will air, although the official anniversary falls on November 23.

Cast members confirmed so far include Ncuti Gatwa as the Fourteenth Doctor, replacing Josie Whittaker, Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott and Yasmin Finney as Rose.

Props line St Stephen’s Street including prams, mannequin torsos and ruined aeroplane parts. Photo by Will Steele @_AlmostOriginal.

It was announced that David Tenant and Catherine Tate would also be reprising their roles and the pair were seen filming in London in May.

The BBC declined to comment when asked for more details. BristolWorld has also approached Bad Wolf and is awaiting their response.