90 SUVs in Clifton targeted by climate activists

‘I’m scared and want our politicians to stop ignoring how serious this is’

Climate activists claim to have deflated tyres to 90 SUVs in Clifton as part of a campaign to see a ban on the vehicles in urban areas.

Tyre Extinguishers say the action in the early hours of Thursday morning was the fifth time supporters had targeted vehicles in the city.

As well as deflating the vehicles, sometimes the group leave notes on the windscreens with messages like ‘your gas guzzler kills’

The group claims SUVs cause more pollution than ordinary vehicles and are more likely to kill when involved in a collision with a pedestrian.

It has also targeted vehicles in London, Brighton, Cambridge, Sheffield, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Holly, 32, from the group, said: “The Met Office have issued an Amber warning for severe heat next week. We’re seeing heat forecasts in 2022 that were predicted for 2050, which means the climate crisis is happening much more quickly that we’d predicted.

“I’m scared and want our politicians to stop ignoring how serious this is. If SUVs were a country they’d be the sixth-largest emitter in the world – we have to stop all unnecessary carbon emissions and we have to stop them now.”

Avon and Somerset Police has previously advised residents to report any incidents of car tyres being deflated. The force has also suggested vehicle owners purchase anti-theft dust caps to stop the deflation of tyres.