Covid booster jab Bristol: Eligibility rules for walk-in centres change as hundreds queue up

More than 1,000 people have been queuing for a vaccination at the Bristol Rapid Testing Centre

<p>Queue in Wade Street for vaccinations at Bristol Rapid Testing Centre</p>

Queue in Wade Street for vaccinations at Bristol Rapid Testing Centre

Rules on who is eligible for a booster vaccination against Covid at walk-in centres in Bristol have changed.

The NHS group behind the region’s vaccination programme - Bath, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Healthier Together partnership - made the alteration at around lunchtime today (December 14).

Prior to the change, only people aged 40 and over, as well as those with an underlying health condition or healthcare staff, could attend a walk-in clinic, such as Bristol Rapid Testing Centre in St Jude’s.

However, now those aged 30 and over can use the service.

Rules still apply that a booster jab must come at least three months after a second dose.

On its website, the NHS group said: “You may have to queue outside at many of the walk-in clinics while you wait for your turn to be vaccinated.

“Please make sure you wear warm clothing.”

It was a warning many people heeding to when they turned up for a booster jab at Bristol Rapid Testing Centre, in Wellington Road, this morning.

Queues started well before opening at 9am, with people joining the back of the line at 10.15am being told they may not get a jab today.

The line of people stretched in and out the centre and adjoining Office Outlet car park, before going around the industrial estate via Wade Street and Elton Street.

The rush to get the booster comes after Boris Johnson said all adults would be offered the jab by the end of the year.

It also comes amid a rise in Omicron cases in the city, and concern among people over keeping their families safe at Christmas.