Compensation for delayed or cancelled flights from Bristol Airport: Tui, Jet2 and easyJet policies explained

Has your flight from Bristol Airport been cancelled or delayed and you’re stressed and confused as to what the next step is? Here are the biggest airlines’ compensation policy as of Thursday, 21 July 2022.

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Flying to and from Bristol Airport can definitely be a tiresome experience recently due to the emergence of various delays and cancellations recently.

The airport has seen over 120 flight cancellations in the last few months alone, and airlines such as easyJet and Jet2 are seeing its fair share of cancelled and delayed flights respectively.

One of a passenger’s greatest fears has to be a last minute delay or cancellation, especially if you are unaware of what your rights are and how to get best compensated by airlines for the disruption caused.

So BristolWorld compiled all the information you need to know in regards to the compensation policies for cancellations and delays at four of the biggest airlines that fly planes at Bristol Airport.

What can I do if my flight is delayed at Bristol Airport?

If for whatever reason your flight at Bristol Airport has been delayed, you must remember that you have certain rights.

Airlines are required to provide assistance to travellers affected by the Denied Boarding Regulation, but the extent of such assistance is dependent on how long your delay is.

Typical ways of support include a refund or an alternative flight, compensation and accommodation if the delay is overnight.

The following is the delay policy of four of the biggest airlines that operate flights at Bristol Airport.


Tui offers a compensation package that could be given if your flight has been delayed by three or more hours.

In line with EU regulations, you will need to submit a claim directly with TUI Airways which will ensure that you receive all the compensation, making sure no other company takes a percentage.

The delay claim form can be accessed directly from the TUI website, which requires you to fill out with personal and flight details.

Officials at the airline advise passengers to also speak to staff at the check-in desk or boarding gate for any further assistance or questions.


Jet2 offers the exact same delay policy if your flight with the airline from Bristol Airport has been delayed.

You could be entitled to compensation if your flight has been delayed by three or more hours, potentially payable under Regulation EC261.

In order to make a claim, you will need to fill out the claims form with personal and flight details.

Please visit the official website for further details and support.


easyJet offers an extensive delay policy to its passengers at Bristol Airport, with certain aspects utterly dependent on how long your delay is.

To claim full compensation, apply using a claim form on the easyJet website.

The budget airline offers refreshment vouchers to their customers, supplied by the ground crew and with a value of £3 or EUR 4.50.

If your flight, which is up to 1500km, has been delayed by two hours you will be entitled to vouchers.

Whilst if your flight, which is over 1500km, has been delayed by three hours, you will also be entitled to the vouchers.

Whilst for longer delays which total at more than five hours, the airline can change your flight for a later date subject to seats being available.

You can also cancel your delayed flight and apply for a full refund - for more information, speak to the ground crew staff or contact the easyJet customer service team.

For overnight delays, the airline can arrange accommodation and travel to the hotel; if travel can not be arranged, easyJet is more than happy to cover the taxi, bus or local metro service fare.

You are advised to keep your receipts to claim back expenses.


If your Ryanair flight has been delayed by two hours, you will be offered a rerouting option to get you on to an alternative flight and towards your destination at the earliest possible opportunity with the support of staff.

Whilst if the delay surpasses the five hour mark, passengers will still be able to sort out a rerouting option via an alternative flight, or can request a full refund via the claims form on the official website.

If you are using the rerouting arrangement or for overnight delays, the airline will cover expenses incurred such as: meals and refreshments, reasonable accommodation and reasonable transport.

What can I do if my flight is cancelled at Bristol Airport?

Bristol Airport has been a regular offender throughout 2022 so far when it comes to flight cancellations.

With over 120 during the last few months alone, flight cancellations can be a stressful and troublesome experience; so please remember your rights.

Airlines are required to book you onto an alternative flight as close to your original time as possible, whilst you are also entitled to a full refund for flights.

Please note, you can only choose between either a rebooking or a refund, not both.

Bear in mind that if your cancellation has not been put down to ‘extraordinary circumstances’, you could be entitled to compensation.

Airlines need to prove that the flight was affected by such circumstances, which involves bad weather, a strike, political circumstances, an unruly or ill passenger, flight delays caused by staff at Bristol Airport.

Here are the cancellation policies of four of the biggest airlines that operate flights at Bristol Airport:


If you are a Tui passenger and your flight has been cancelled, you will be entitled to a full refund within 14-days - as long as you did not take an alternative flight.

Whilst if you are informed of your Tui flight cancellation less than 14 days prior to your scheduled departure date, you will have the right to claim for compensation.

Please note that you could be entitled to both a full refund and additional compensation.

If you feel like you are entitled to a TUI refund, fill out the form on the official website.

For any further information or questions, ask the ground crew or contact TUI Customer Service.


The Jet2 cancellation policy is almost the exact same as that of TUI.

If for whatever reason the airline cancels your flight at Bristol Airport and they can not offer a suitable alternative flight or route, you will be refunded in full.

The refund will be paid directly to the payment card used to make the original booking.

You could also be entitled to further compensation, so fill out the claim form on the official Jet2 website.


easyJet have several options on the table if your flight at Bristol Airport was cancelled.

The airline can switch you on to an alternative flight for no additional cost, you can receive a voucher which amounts to the full value of your booking, or you can request a full refund via the claim form.

The budget airline can also offer you overnight accommodation if you need one.

For more information about the easyJet cancellation policy and what you could be entitled to, visit the official website.


Ryanair offers passengers at Bristol Airport that have had their flight cancelled two different options; the ability to apply for a full refund or change to an alternative flight free-of-charge.

To apply for a full refund, fill out the form on the official website.

To change to an alternative flight, you can do this online via the Ryanair website too.

If they can not supply you with appropriate alternative routes or flights, you will be offered alternative transport options and re-accommodation.

You can also apply for compensation via Regulation EU-261 valued at:

  • £250 for all flights up to 1,500kms
  • £400 for all intra-EU flights of more than 1,500kms, or for all flights between 1,500 and 3,500kms
  • £600 for all flights non-internal EU of more than 3,500kms

Ryanair aims to process your claim within 10 days.

For more information about claiming for compensation through Ryanair, please visit the official website.