CCTV cameras installed by residents to stop anti-social behaviour stolen within 24 hours

The cameras had been put up by residents to prevent fly-tipping and crime
The CCTV cameras were stolen less than 24 hours after being installedThe CCTV cameras were stolen less than 24 hours after being installed
The CCTV cameras were stolen less than 24 hours after being installed

CCTV cameras installed by a group of Bristol residents to prevent fly-tipping and crime have been stolen less than 24 hours after being put up.

Residents of the Inns Court neighbourhood in south Bristol installed the cameras on lamposts in Inns Court Drive to address the problems facing their community.

But the cameras were met with criticism by members of the Inns Court Residents Group Facebook group, who had concerns about who would be viewing the footage.

The residents group say they were given permission to install the cameras, which BristolWorld understands were dummies.

“I would like to thank the person that donated the CCTV cameras to Inns Court Resident Group but unfortunately they only lasted less than 24 hours,” Heather Pickford, secretary of the group, said in a statement.

“They were stolen overnight. This has been reported to the police. And because of the negative comments posted on Facebook and sent to people privately, we will not be replacing them.”  

Local Knowle West campaigner Nick Haskins, has revealed to BristolWorld he donated the cameras to the group, saying he is ‘angry’ they have been stolen.

“I tried to help the people in the area and then you find they don’t want help,” he said. “They must be happy with rubbish being dumped all over the place.

“None were overlooking gardens, they were all facing the road. There was no problem with privacy. I think it’s disgusting.”

The Inns Court Resident Group was set up in 2018 to tackle issues around the community and also cuts down overgrown areas.

A member of the group, who does not wish to be named due to having received  ‘enough flak’ for the cameras, said permission for them was sought from local councillor Chris Jackson.

But Jackson told BristolWorld he didn’t give permission for the cameras to be installed.

He said the resident group had agreed to them in a community meeting, with permission to be obtained from the police.

Avon & Somerset Police has been approached for comment.