Bristol man who stabbed former partner nine times, using four different knives, is jailed for 17 years

Jodie addressed her ex boyfriend during the court hearing with a message from their daughter

A woman who was stabbed nine times in front of their daughter confronted her former partner who carried out the attack during a Bristol Crown Court hearing, asking why “did you hate me so much?”.

Liam Davis, 26, of Hartcliffe, repeatedly stabbed 25-year-old Jodie with four difference kitchen knives inside her Southmead home, in April. Davies was jailed for 17 years yesterday (November 30).

Addressing Davis in a statement read out during the sentencing hearing, Jodie asked why he’d never provided an explanation for the attack. She also shared the heartfelt message her daughter had penned after witnessing the horrific ordeal.

She said: “I attended the trial to try and understand why you did what you did that day,” she said. “The trail didn’t answer that question so I suppose I will never know. Did you hate me so much that day that you wanted to kill me? You could have just punched or slapped me, but you got four knives to hurt me. Did you hate me so much?”

Jodie also expressed her concern about how the incident would affect their young daughter, asking “Who knows how long it will take her to overcome what she witnessed? I have noticed things about her since that day. She doesn’t like blue cars; she is hesitant in trusting men. I have had to try and explain to her about prisons and that her dad is there as he has been bad. All she wants is a normal dad and mum like we used to be.”

The pair’s daughter had written a message detailing her experience during the incident, which Jodie also shared.

It read: “It made me really upset and I cried to tears. I was trying to help but I just didn’t know what to do. When Daddy came out he called me and dragged me out the house into the car and drove off and left Mummy looking for me. Why did you make us leave mummy to die like that?

“I’m happy now but I still worry because it’s very scary because he nearly killed Mummy and I thought you loved each other and loved me. I miss my dad.”

Ending her statement, Jodie added: “During the trial you [Davis] had an opportunity to look at me and say sorry for what happened, you never did. “That would have been a good time to say it, as it would have meant something, any other time after that just doesn’t have the same value.”

Investigating officer David Nicholls commented: “Jodie remarkably found the courage to read her statement out in court today and the strength and bravery it took to do this should not be underestimated. I have huge admiration for the resilience she has shown and while it was undoubtedly difficult for her, I hope she found it cathartic.

“Her daughter’s words were particularly heart-breaking to hear and serve as a reminder it’s not just the individuals who suffer physically who are the victims in domestic abuse incidents like this. Children and other family members are often significantly adversely affected too. I hope now this court process has concluded, Jodie and her daughter are able to move on and begin to rebuild their lives.

“No one should ever have to suffer such violence, especially at the hands of someone they once loved. We’d urge anyone who is in abusive relationship, or anyone who suspects someone they know to be in an abusive relationship, to reach out and speak to us. We are here, and we can help.”

If you are a victim of domestic abuse you can call 101 to speak with the police. If you can’t talk, call 101 and dial 55, this will alert the phone operator who will put you straight through to the police.

If you are not comfortable with talking to the police, you can contact a specialist service in your area. More information about organisations and services for domestic abuse victims can be found at