Bristol takeaway Tiffins reopens in time to celebrate its 20th birthday - and launches a cookery school

Tiffins in Kingsdown is on a mission to tackle food poverty across the city

A charitable Indian takeaway has reopened and is on a mission to tackle food poverty across the city by launching a cookery school.

Award-winning Tiffins on St Michael’s Hill, which is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, has been going through some changes since 2019, including recently opting to sell some frozen dishes for locals to warm up at home only.

Tiffins’ plant-based feast is also back on the menu, much to the delight of the city’s vegetarians and vegans. Owner Jay Jethwa says one of her biggest priorities after reopening the Kingsdown takeaway is to lend a hand to people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Tiffins is also tackling food waste by using as much surplus fruit and veg as they can in their dishes to ensure nothing goes to waste, and will be the first-ever West of England restaurant to be fully allergy friendly - with strictly gluten, nut and meat-free dishes on the menu.

Tiffins will be now offering a brand-new cookery school to help locals serve up authentic Indian fare themselves, and there are even plans to open more branches and market stalls across Bristol, thanks to support from West of England Combined Authority (WECA). WECA Metro Mayor Dan Norris recently visited Tiffins and tried his hand at making a Masoor Dhal red lentil dish - a particular favourite among Tiffins regulars.

Mayor Norris said: “It’s great to see this favourite among Kingsdown locals back doing what it does best – serving up delicious and hearty west Indian dishes to locals throughout the city.

“I’m proud this has been made possible by a £7,800 cash injection from my West of England Combined Authority. And it’s all the more wonderful to see a business that was started here in Bristol giving back to their community.

“Whether it’s ensuring kids get substantial meals during the summer or tackling food waste, I’d like to thank Jay and the rest of the team at Tiffins for these extremely kind gestures”.

Jay Jethwa’s food is influenced by the flavours of Gujarat, the western state in India, and her regular customers have already welcomed her back with open arms.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris cooks a traditional Indian dish with Tiffins owner Jay Jethwa

She said: “I was delighted to welcome Metro Mayor Dan Norris to Tiffins and talk to him in person about how helpful the West of England Combined Authority’s business support has been to me personally.

“This is in terms of new business skills learned through their many different courses, as well as to the progress of Tiffins, which has been specifically targeted business growth support in terms of workforce for the future programme, and receiving a Business Enterprise Grant.

“This has been absolutely crucial in the re-launching and progression of the business further.”

Tiffins is open 12pm to 8pm Monday to Friday with food available to take away, hot or cold.