Bristol Rovers call on Gasheads to vote on design elements for potential new crest

Supporters have been asked to vote on a number of possible design concepts for the crest
Bristol Rovers fans have been asked to steer the club in designing its new crest.Bristol Rovers fans have been asked to steer the club in designing its new crest.
Bristol Rovers fans have been asked to steer the club in designing its new crest.

Bristol Rovers have called on supporters for their help on designing a potential new crest for the club - asking them to vote on design elements. The club have put forward options on the crest shape, font and imagery which fans will be able to approve or disapprove to Bristol Rovers consider major change to football club - supporters to be consulted">influence designers with the final product.

In an email sent to supporters, the club explained that the main theme of a previous survey on the crest had been the modernisation of imagery, with many liking the idea of ‘an increased sense of aggression, within the imagery, which it was felt our current pirate lacks’.

The club said that 68% of respondents said they ‘would be open’ to new imagery with ‘crossed swords’, ‘skull imagery’ and an ‘updated pirate’ being among popular suggestions. Meanwhile, 57% of people were open to a new shape - but the club added there was opposition to using a circular crest similar to Bristol City. Instead, a square design is proposed alongside two shield-like crests.

Three different fonts have been put forward after 66% of people were open to a new one. The current design of a pirate on a football with a blue and white background has been used by the club for more than 20 years.

The email, sent on October 24 ,read: “[A] survey highlighted that a majority (52%) of respondents were open to changing the crest, therefore the club has taken the decision to further explore our options. Having identified recurring themes of what people would and would not like to see, one area of consistency was that supporters did not want to see a circular crest in a template that other clubs have used. We would like to reiterate that there is no intention to follow this route.

“Through this following survey, we will be looking to further consult with you to help us create something unique, that represents the club and how we wish to be portrayed moving forward. We would now like to invite you to fill out the following survey. Within this we will also provide you with further analysis from the previous survey, which will explain the process that has been followed so far.”

No official statement will be made by the club until the consultation is complete.