Bristol Light Festival 2023: Incredible pictures showing 10 of the best installations

The ten-day event has already attracted thousands of people to the city centre

Organisers of the Bristol Light Festival have hailed the start of this year’s event as ‘incredible’ after thousands of people followed the trail around the city.

The annual light spectacular runs until February 12 so there’s still plenty of time to see the interactive and immersive light installations that create a trail through Bristol city centre.

Some of the city’s most iconic and distinguished buildings have been illuminated in celebration of the event, including Victoria Rooms, the Wills Memorial Building, Millennium Square, Bristol Hippodrome, Temple Meads train station and PRYZM.

Many of the artworks this year are interactive, with pieces like ‘Scream the House Down’, ‘Halo’, ‘Trumpet Flowers’ and returning favourite ‘Swing Song’ on College Green all encouraging audiences to play – whether that is by screaming, tapping, dancing or swinging.

Creative Director Katherine Jewkes says the artworks are all designed to surprise and delight people in different ways.

“More reflective experiences like Continuum, Sirens and Ophelia are for audiences who want to slow down and take a quieter magical moment in the busy city, and there are lots of beautiful immersive spaces, too, with Morag Myerscough’s ‘Let us Shine’, PYTCH’s ‘Beam’ and ‘Overheard in Bristol’.

“Visitors can take in each installation across one evening or come across multiple nights and really explore the city. We’re so excited to fill Bristol with colour and light and for people to experience this year’s event.”

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