Blimey! What the cost of four garages in Clifton can you get you elsewhere in the country

We ask a property agent in the city why prices for garages are so high

<p>As the price of a garage in some areas of Bristol soars, you can get much more for your money in other areas of the country</p>

As the price of a garage in some areas of Bristol soars, you can get much more for your money in other areas of the country

Its floorspace covers an area less than 800 sq ft. It has no windows or central heating. And it has no planning permission to convert into a home.

Yet a block of four garages in central Clifton sold for £215,000 at auction this year.

That’s around enough money to buy a detached four-bedroom house in New Holland in North East Lincolnshire, or a three-bedroom family newbuild in Middlesbrough, or a spacious four-bedroom terraced home in Telford, Shropshire.

It marks an increase in prices for garages across Bristol, with Clifton, Cotham and Redland among the sought-after locations for often simple brick structures.

They are so in demand, they are sometimes sold like homes.

In the sales brochure for the four garages in Pembroke Vale, Clifton, agents Hollis Morgan labelled the aging building as a ‘rare opportunity’.

The garages sold in Pembroke Vale in Clifton for £215,000

The company also told of the surrounding ‘friendly neighbourhood atmosphere’, ‘Chelsea style streets and pavement cafes’ and ‘excellent communications’ with the M32, M5 and M4 close by in the listing.

Speaking to BristolWorld, Andrew Morgan MBE, of the estate agents, said the growing popularity in garages was driven by the number of Victorian and Georgian houses that have no allocated parking.

“These [houses] do not have garages and residents rely on residents’ parking permits, consequently there is a huge demand for garages in these areas,” he said.

The drive in sales is not just down to parking, however.

Mr Morgan said they are also seen as an investment.

This block of six garages in Cotham sold for £289,500

He added: “A garage can add considerably to the value of a property and consequently they achieve good prices.”

He also said people bought garages for a place to convert into a study or provide storage.

He added: “Apart from that, people buy garages as short-term investments and perhaps long-term development opportunities”.

According to Mr Morgan, as property maintains its value in Bristol, like in other areas of the UK, the price of garages is not likely to go down soon.

However, in other parts of the country where prices are beginning to dip, the amount paid for a garage in Bristol can fetch a large, detached home.

In the North East and Midlands three to four bedroom houses can be found for less than the £215,000 it cost for a block of four garages in Clifton.

Here are some typical three or four bedroom houses people can get in other parts of the UK for around the same price of a garage in Bristol:

Listed at £212,995 is a three bedroom detached house in Middlesbrough. This new build features a large living space and an open plan living and dining area.

Money for a garage in Clifton can get you this new-build in Middlesbrough

At £210,000, this four bedroom, two bathroom detached house in New Holland, near Hull in North East Lincolnshire, is a bargain. This corner plot property boasts a spacious front and back garden with an extended patio area as well as off street parking.

This home in New Holland near Hull is listed for £210,000

While this detached house in Telford, Shropshire with three double bedrooms and one single bedroom is on the market for £220,000. It benefits from a large back garden, off street parking and spacious kitchen.

This detached home in Telford, priced at £220,000, has a spacious garden