Here are five dogs available for rehoming at the RSPCA Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home: 5 adorable dogs looking for forever homes near Bristol

Bath Cats and Dogs Home and Bristol World have paired up to find forever homes for five special dogs under the RSPCA’s care

RSPCA branches across the country take in cats and dogs from the public, RSPCA Inspectors, the Police and Dog Wardens in a bid to give them the support and home they deserve. Bath Cats and Dogs Home are hoping to find foster parents or forever homes for several loving dogs under its care. The home has taken care of furry creatures for 95 years after being founded in 1937 and, due to the cost of living crisis, expects more and more pups to be handed over as owners can no longer afford to care for them.

Bristol World has ran a campaign showcasing canines available for rehoming in Bristol. From puppies to older dogs, many canine companions hoping to bring a little extra joy to your life are available for adoption in the South West region. Here are five more dogs which we have selected, for more information on each rescue centre resident, visit

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