‘Absolutely hilarious’ - Kate Bush tribute act from Bristol finds merchandise for real singer using her face

‘It is weird to think people might have bags and things with my face on’

<p>Kate Bush tribute act Lisa-Maria Walters discovered her on merchandise for the real singer</p>

Kate Bush tribute act Lisa-Maria Walters discovered her on merchandise for the real singer

A Kate Bush tribute artist found photos of her own face being sold on merchandise - after a website seller mistook her for the real singer.

Singer Lisa-Marie Walters, 39, from Stoke Gifford, has been performing as Kate Bush as part of her tribute band ‘Moments of Pleasure’ for the past three years.

She took photos of herself recreating several Kate Bush album covers as online promotion for her band, but never expected to be mistaken for the real singer.

But online marketplace Wish.com have been selling bags, mugs and t-shirts with Lisa’s face plastered on the front.

Lisa, who lives with her husband Rob and their four children, said: “I took the photo a year ago but it’s only in the last few weeks that all these products have started appearing with my face on.

Kate Bush tribute act Lisa-Maria Walters from Bristol

“It is weird to think people might have bags and things with my face on, but I don’t think any real Kate Bush fan would mistake us - for one, my eyes are blue and Kate’s are brown.

“I find it absolutely hilarious. It’s been really funny to see.”

Kate Bush impersonator Lisa has always loved to sing, attending Stagecoach Performing Arts Bristol North and Filton as a student where she met husband Rob, 42.

When not performing on stage, the talented singer is a full time mum to the couple’s kids Euan, 17, Jarrad, 15, Aray, 14 and Freya, seven.

A Kate Bush shower curtain being sold on Wish.com using Lisa’s face

She started up her Kate Bush tribute act after people commented on videos of her singing on Facebook about her uncanny resemblance to the ‘Wuthering Heights’ performer.

As part of promotion for the tribute act, who have toured all across the UK, Lisa recreated several of Kate Bush’s album covers, including ‘Under the Ivy’ and ‘The Sensual World’.

It wasn’t until a friend messaged her that she found out a seller on Wish.com had been creating products with her face on after mistaking her photos for the real Kate Bush.

Lisa said: “I took the photo last year on my phone as a selfie and then edited it afterwards so we could use it to advertise one of our gigs.

A Kate Bush fringe blanket being sold on Wish.com using Lisa’s face

“It was ages ago so I was shocked when my friend messaged me asking why she was looking at a t-shirt with my face on.”

A t-shirt with Lisa’s face from her recreation of Kate Bush’s ‘Under the Ivy’ album cover taking up the entire top could be purchased for £22 on the website but has since sold out after popular demand.

A backpack with a USB and headphone interface fitted with Lisa’s face costs £28.

There’s even a massive 60 by 40 inch tapestry with her face on for sale for £20 that would make a lovely addition to a buyer’s wall..

Lisa said: “I expect I’ll get a few presents this year with my face on”