Here are 12 images showing how life in Bristol was during the 1970s.

12 incredible photographs showing how we lived in Bristol during the 1970s

The Punk movement, space hoppers and a car-clogged Broadmead - this was Bristol during the 70s

Good music, bad hair and some questionable style choices - the 1970s’ influence is still easily recognisable today.

A lot changed during the decade which began with Rolf Harris’ ‘Two Little Boys’ topping the charts and ended with Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. It was a historic time for Bristol as several council estates were built or just beginning to blossom, plans to revamp a tired-looking centre were being drafted and the late Queen Elizabeth II paid the city a visit.

Life was familiar but very different from what the city is used to today, for better or for worse. Bristol World has selected 12 images showcasing how life was during the 1970s - does it bring back any memories?

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