11 hidden gems to find in Bristol - including a century-old drinking den

Many of these tucked away delights you will pass by without knowing!

You'll likely find a slice of history and culture down every corner and alley you turn in Bristol - and a Greggs.

The city is home to so much heritage that you can forgive most of its residents for not knowing every hidden gem tucked away just out of plain sight. It’s true, whether you are new to the area or have spent your whole life in Bristol, you will never get tired of exploring.

BristolWorld has jotted down a list of 11 of our favourite hidden gems that we’re ready to share. From the old to the new, away from the usual sites and shopping centres, this list should lead you down rabbit holes and interesting turns with fascinating stories.

From a medieval church which withstood heavy German bombing to one of the city’s last remaining ‘proper’ pubs - here are 11 hidden gems to be found in Bristol: