As Bristol gets to grips with winter, some may be hoping with a white Christmas. Here, we look back at some of the city’s most extreme snow days.

Bristol’s worst winters: 10 amazing pictures showing city’s coldest winters throughout the years

Crank the heating up and take a gander at some of the heaviest snowfalls in Bristol’s gi

As Bristol wraps up warm for this year’s winter, some may recall previous toe-numbing seasons which still sting from the thought. From a four-day snowstorm in April to hundreds of teenagers skating on a frozen lake - Bristol has had many piercing snow days throughout the years.

Using Bristol City Council’s Know Your Place tool, we have riffled through the archives and picked 10 pictures showing some of the city’s most extreme snow days. Including heavy snowfalls during the 1860s, the infamous winter of 1947 which brought the country to a standstill in the wake of the second world war and the Big Freeze in 1963.

You may want to grab a blanket before looking through the images we have selected.

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