Bristol Airport’s Twilight Drop; how will it help your holidays?

Bristol Airport one of the first to introduce a stress-free baggage drop service.

With the ever growing concern travelling from Bristol Airport due to ongoing issues in airports across the country, travellers are no doubt looking for an easy solution to the dreaded baggage drop.

With checking in and baggage drops one of most stressful jobs when travelling abroad Bristol Airport travellers on earlier flights will be delighted with the announcement of the Twilight Drop.

What is the Twilight Drop?

The Twilight Drop service is dedicated to travellers on early morning flights who feel the strain queuing up to drop off their bags.

Bristol Airport has since created the service to allow those travellers to drop off their luggage off the night before, leaving them the next day to head to security and passport control instead of queuing up at the check in desks.

Currently, flights run by, Holidays, TUI and easyJet have all made this process available to their passengers.

How does the Twilight Drop work?

easyJet are one of three airline companies making travelling slightly easier with the advent of twilight baggage drops

Passengers can check in 24 hours before their flight, park in the short stay car park and during twilight check-in the corresponding airline’s handling agents will give advice on exiting the car park. and Jet2holidays Twilight Check-in

If you’re flying before 12pm, you can use’s free Twilight Check-in service. Drop your bags off at the airport between 4:30-9pm the evening before your morning flight and when you arrive at departures the next day, your luggage is already sorted*.

easyJet Twilight Bag Drop

If you’re flying before 8:30am, drop your bag at the easyJet Bag Drop desk the night before you travel between 6:00 - 9:00pm and beat the morning rush.

TUI Twilight Bag Drop

If your flight has a TOM flight number and you’re flying before midday, drop your bag at the TUI Bag Drop desk the day before you travel between 4:00 - 9:00pm.

Bristol Airport does advise that passengers check with their airlines directly for more details on baggage drop times.

Will other airports implement Twilight Drops? and Holidays have confirmed that the service will be available at the following airports:

  • Birmingham
  • East Midlands
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds Bradford
  • London Stansted
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle

easyJet only has the service currently available at London Gatwick Airport, however, Manchester Airport will follow suit August 1.

TUI also only offers the service at Birmingham Airport, London Gatwick Airport and Manchester Airport from Terminal 2.