Go nuts about doughnuts: Best places to pick up the sweet treat in Bristol

Mmm, doughnuts...

<p>Mmm, donuts...</p>

Mmm, donuts...

We are in the middle of a doughnut boom in Bristol.

Previously, doughnuts were available at Krispy Kreme, your local Greggs or supermarket but recently there has been an explosion of dedicated independent doughnut shops popping up all over Bristol.

The American sweet treat, which is usually made by frying leavened dough, is gaining popularity on this side of the pond.

The most common types of doughnuts are ring doughnuts, filled doughnuts or doughnut holes.

Diggity Donuts is a good shout.


Ring doughnuts normally have a glazed coating and can have many flavours or add-ons.

Filled doughnuts can be filled with jam, custard, cream or other sweet sauces.

Doughnut holes started off as the middle part of a ring doughnut but quickly became its own product after it gained popularity.

While traditional doughnuts are made with flour, eggs, milk and shortening among other ingredients, Bristol-based Future Doughnuts flipped those expectations to create vegan and gluten free versions without losing flavour or airiness.

Delectables from Future Donuts.

They specialise in sourdough doughnuts as well as buttermilk cake doughnuts which are gluten free with refined sugar free options.


They are located behind Temple Meads where you can pop in and have a sit down doughnut or pick up some to take away. They also deliver through Deliveroo and Barbi.

You can pre-order a box of 6 or 12 doughnuts for collection between 12-6 pm daily.

Small Goods is also located in Temple Meads at Temple Quay.

The Small Goods counter.

From the team behind Little Victories and Small Street Espresso, Small Goods features artisanal doughnuts and coffee.


Their doughnuts are made fresh on site everyday and can be purchased individually or in a box.

While they have the standard filled doughnuts, every week the chef creates three new flavours.

Located on Nelson Street in the student area, Diggity Doughnuts is another new shop that sprang up in the last year. With varieties including creme brulee, lemon meringue, smores, chocolate orange and more there’s something to suit everyone. They also have a range of vegan options.

Speaking to Kylie Cole of Scrummyz, a family-run doughnut delivery-only business, she’s not sure why the doughnut boom happened in Bristol, she only knows why she started her business which she runs with her partner.

Mmm, donuts...

They opened in November 2020 and were motivated by their love of “baking things that others enjoy”.


“My partner, especially, has a passion for dough-based products and dreamt that one day we would do it as a business of our own,” Kylie says. As with a lot of people, the pandemic changed things for the couple.

“I had just come off of maternity leave and didn’t feel comfortable going back to work whilst everyone was in lockdown [and] just after my partner got made redundant,” Kylie explains.

“We thought it was the perfect opportunity to do what we have always dreamt of doing”.

Scrummyz delivers to South Bristol on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays but does some delivery further afield.

They also do markets and events and have a range of products including pretzel-shaped doughnuts, custom letters and rings for corporate occasions as well as the standard ring and filled varieties.