Dry January: The best places in Bristol for detox smoothies, juices and health foods

Trying to have a bit of a detox this January and ready to hit the new year with a healthy kickstart? We’ve rounded up the best places when it comes to healthy food and drink in Bristol

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Sometimes, we love nothing more than to jump on a bandwagon, particularly when it comes with health connotations and the idea of being fresh and well for the new year.

So, if anyone is thinking of embracing a dry January or just fancies a little bit of a January detox but still wants to support our hospitality scene, why not seek out all the best health foods, smoothies and acai bowls you can find?

We’ve made it a little easier for you and rounded up some of the best in Bristol.

Some would say this organic juice bar on Picton Street in Montpelier has some of the best drinks in Bristol, and when it comes to being fresh and healthy, we couldn’t agree more. Mr Lahey’s Organic Juice Bar only serves drinks that are organic, locally sourced and made to order.

They try to source as much of their produce as possible from Radford Mill Farm, which is only 14 miles away so it is straight from the farm into your cups! Their drinks menu changes seasonally too to make the most of the beautiful produce available at the time. You can expect energising and anti-inflammatory juices, immunity shots packed full of ginger, and green shakes galore.

One of Wapping Wharf’s most popular coffee shops, bakeries and food outlets, Mokoko isn’t just good at its sweet treats and caffeine hits. Pop in there for a boost of ginger, known to increase immune support and fight off the winter bugs, with their Ginger Zinger. Or, if you fancy something a little more mellow, their Mint and Lemon Crush is pretty delicious, too.

Five Grains is famous in Bristol for its authentic Lebanese Manoushé, a homemade, freshly baked flatbread. But, it’s also built up a name for itself due to its incredible smoothie bowls and raw juices as well.

Take their Acai Blueberry Smoothie Bowl as an example, filled to the brim with antioxidants and flavour, or try their Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl for a boost of vitamins and minerals, alongside antioxidants too. If you want to make up your own raw juice with whatever combination is calling you, that’s also an option!

The Hawaiian dish of Poke has long been thought of as a healthy detox dish, with the contents usually being high in lean protein, full to the brim of healthy fats and packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and fibre. You’ll find a lot of produce such as fish, avocado, wholegrains and seeds, and omega 3 fats filling up your bowl, sure to make you feel fresh and ready to tackle the new year head on.

Luckily for you, Loki Poke on Wapping Wharf is a brilliant place to pick up a bowl. Their Hawaiian street food bowls are made with cubes of fresh fish, meat or vegan protein, pickled and fresh veg and umami-rich sauces, and a topping of crunch. You can pick your base, and build your own bowl.

The sustainable CBD oil and lifestyle shop is all about healthy ingredients and promoting wellness. From seed to shelf, they have an intimate knowledge of every stage of the supply chain and guarantee the best organic products for their community when buying in-store.

And the Only Green store in Stoke’s Croft is all about changing perspective too, so you can head into the new year with an open mind. They serve up fresh CBD coffee and juices daily, as well as food from their menu of delicious plant-based snacks.

The Bowl Shed is a health food restaurant in St Michael’s and they pride themselves on being Bristol’s first dedicated acai bar. Think more Bali vibes than Bristol, you can use it to transport yourself to somewhere far more exotic.

With many options to choose from, you can really tailor your acai bowl to your health wish and opt for what you feel your body needs the most. Think bowls such as Midweek Energy Boosters, Tropical Acai Bowl, Blue Energy Bowls, and Cacao Infusion bowls.

The OG juice bar, Big Juice ​​have been juicing since 1999 when they opened their first juice bar in Bristol. They wanted to offer people a truly unique experience and one that was focused on health, nutrition and wellbeing. As such, they promote themselves on the quality of their juices, ingredients and their perfected combinations.

You won’t find any syrups or concentrates in their juices, and only fresh ingredients too. They also have a Juice Therapy Shots menu which are made up of quick down-in-one shots (30ml) of raw pure juice - like a tequila shot. They do admit that not all shots taste as good as their smoothies but the health benefits far outweigh the taste. When it comes to detoxing, this isn’t really one to miss out on!

Another establishment that has become somewhat famed for its healthy food, well, better food we should say! Selling the best organic, ethical and locally-sourced produce, you can find anything from keto and paleo sweet treats, healthy salad bowls, or freshly-made organic juices. Made to order, they are super fresh, totally organic

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