The 14 catteries and 13 kennels in Bristol and their availability in August

As Bristol enjoys the summer holidays, where can you home your pet while vacationing?

It’s the summer holidays and contrary to belief, not all Bristolians are looking to take every family member with them.

Though lovable and man’s best friend, sometimes it can be an inconvenience to bring your cat or dog with you, which is when your local cattery or dog kennel comes to the rescue.

But with lockdown having seen an increase in family pets to avoid the feelings of isolation, how busy are catteries and kennels in Bristol?

What is the availability of catteries across Bristol?

Tiny, adorable, but not exactly travel friendly - what’s Bristol’s cattery availability?

Of the fourteen catteries we managed to contact, only three had availability in August.

However, they were all in the tail end (no pun intended) of August, shortly before the end of school holidays and the summer break.

The availability of catteries in Bristol:

What is the availability of kennels across Bristol?

More and more holiday homes are becoming dog friendly - but for those who can’t bring their best friend are there any kennels available in Bristol during August?

Of the thirteen kennels we spoke to, one had availability immediately - Baromar.

Four kennels are not taking any bookings at all in 2022, while there are some vacancies for dog sitting services, however it also depends on the kind of dog owned - some places are happy to squeeze in smaller breeds.

The availability of kennels in Bristol:

What are my other options for my cat or dog?

We had an incredibly helpful conversation with Meadows Cattery who, despite being booked for the majority of August, had suggested using a “cat sitter” instead.

A cat sitter is exactly that - a reputable pet carer that will look after your moggie while you are on vacation. Think of it as an extended babysitter for your cat.

It’s a similar situation for dogs also - there are numerous dog walkers and dog sitters that can look after your pooch during the day, however it would then mean someone looking after your dog in the evenings.

Of course, things do change and we advise readers to always keep an eye for late cancellations from the catteries or kennels that may accommodate your pet.