We ask Bristol: Is it too soon to scrap Covid restrictions?

Is it time to move on?

Opinion was split when BristolWorld asked residents for their views on a move to scrap all legal Covid restrictions this week.

The city is emerging from a difficult few years which has seen hundreds of loved ones lost, the elderly and vulnerable locked away for their safety and long-standing businesses damaged - some beyond repair.

We have to move on at some point, but is it too early to throw caution to the wind?

All remaining coronavirus laws in England are set to come to an end on Thursday (February 24) after the Prime Minister set out his plan for ‘living with Covid’.

The decision has been deemed ‘unwise’ by some experts, but presenting his strategy for tackling Covid to MPs on Monday, Boris Johnson told the commons that it was ‘time to move from government restrictions to personal responsibility’.

He said ‘the sun is shining but we’re keeping our umbrella’ in the fight against Covid-19 ahead of the relaxation to self-isolation laws and free universal testing - but he went on to warn that the pandemic is ‘not over’ yet.

What do Bristolians think?

Connor, a secondary school teacher, said: “Just before half term we had to send year groups home as so many staff were off ill with Covid.

“It seems like relaxing restrictions make sense, but taking the breaks off entirely, stopping testing and quarantine, doesn’t match up to the day-to-day reality that I see.”

Jack agreed: “It’s definitely too early. I think people should still isolate if they have it, I think they should get tested.

“This is jumping the gun a bit.”

Jane said it was time to move on, but added that she hoped people would take personal responsibility for their welfare.

But Jane said it was time to move on, despite the fact her husband has Parkinson’s.

She said: “I live with a vulnerable person, but I think the ownership now sits with us.

“It’s about time people started taking personal responsbility and looking after their own welfare.

“We have to learn to live with Covid. It’s not going to go away.”

Dave said: “This has gone on for two years now and it’s gone on long enough.

“We need to get back to normal.”

Annette agreed: “Yes, for the economy if anything.

“But saying that, I hope there are going to be some sort of checks in case there are variants that are more severe.”