Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How to monitor your breast health?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Early detection is important in fighting cancer, so it’s important to monitor your breast health closely, but how do you do that?

As we enter the last week of Breast Cancer Awareness month it’s important to remember to check your breasts and consult with your GP if you notice any differences.

The NHS has multiple helpful resources and pieces of information on their website.

The NHS Breast Screening Programme developed a 5-point plan to help you in being more aware of your breast health:

  • Know what’s normal for you 
  • Look at your breasts and feel them 
  • Know what changes to look for 
  • Report any changes to a GP without delay 
  • Attend routine screen if you’re ages 50 to 70

These are just a few points that can help in early detection. If you have any further questions your GP will be able to assist and advise you.

Breast Cancer Awareness month is all about raising awareness and encouraging you to get comfortable with checking your breasts on a regular basis.

Talk about it with your friends. Keep the topic of conversation open. This will constantly raise awareness, as well as reminding your friends and family to check themselves, and removing the taboo surrounding checking your breasts.

By doing so you will be able to notice any changes faster, and early detection is so important when it comes to diagnosis and fighting the disease.

The disease is not gender specific and also affects men, so raising awareness and keeping the topic on the table will help encourage more people to monitor their health.

If you have any problems or notice changes in your breast please contact your GP as soon as possible.

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