When do we find out primary school places in Bristol 2022? Date of National Offer day - and how to appeal

Applications submitted before the deadline will be prioritised ahead of applications sent in late.

Parents in Bristol will find out next month which school has offered their child a primary school for the 2022/23 academic year.

Applications for primary school places first opened in September 2021.

Here is everything you need to know about the process,when you should expect to receive a letter and how to appeal a decision.

What’s the application process?

Primary school applications opened on 12 September 2021, and closed on 15 January 2022.

Those who missed the closing date were able to submit late applications from 16 January 2022.

If the applicant is able to provide substantial evidence as to why the application was late, it may still be processed with those on time.

In your application, you can express a preference for up to three schools in your order of preference from one to three. Preferences will be considered equally against the schools admission criteria.

However, this differs in schools that may have late application policies meaning that applications received on time will be given priority over late applications.

The last deadline in which people can submit their applications for the 2022/23 academic year is Monday 21 March 2022.

How do schools decide who gets in?

Each school follows a certain criteria when determining which pupils are offered places.

The UK government website identifies some factors that may give children priority. For example, those who live closest to a particular school or those who already have a sibling at the school will be more likely to secure a space.

When should I hear which school has offered my child a primary school place?

National Offer Day for primary school places in Bristol is Tuesday 19 April, 2022.

How do I accept an offer?

For parents who applied for a school placement online you will receive an email with a link to the Parent Portal.

Once logged on you can accept a school’s offer of a primary school place.

If you applied via post then a form and offer letter will be sent out to you. Once received you must fill out and return the form to the address given.

How do I appeal if the school isn’t suitable?

If your child is not offered a place, or you are unhappy with your allocated school you can submit an appeal against the decision.

To appeal a decision, send it in writing to the school admissions at Bristol City Council. It is recommended this is done via email to [email protected]

If you are appealing multiple decisions, you must appeal each rejection separately.

The admissions authority must legally give you at least 20 days from when they sent the decision letter to appeal their decision.

You must be given notice of at least 10 school days before an appeals hearing in front of an independent panel and the hearing must take place within 40 days of the deadline for making an appeal.

After your hearing you will receive a decision within five school days.

You can access further information on the appeals process on Bristol City Council’s website.

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