‘They’re moving with the times’ - Broadwalk Centre revamp a ‘brilliant’ idea say shoppers

‘They’re moving with the times and what people are need’

Shoppers have reacted to revamp plans for Knowle’s Broadwalk Shopping Centre, deeming proposals to regenerate the declining hub a ‘brilliant idea’.

Developers the Redcatch Development Partnership said the the centre was no longer viable as footfall plummets, and describes the project as ‘an exciting new vision’.

Shoppers seemed especially pleased they would be able to keep using the centre which has been a staple in their lives since childhood, rather than having to travel further afield to Broadmead or Cribbs Causeway.

Speaking to BristolWorld outside the centre, Josie said: “It will be nice for it to be updated.

Shoppers react to Broadwalk Shopping Centre revamp plans.

“I’ve lived her 18 years and never seen it changed, so it will be nice to have it a little bit more modernised.

“I get my cat food here, do weekly shops and come here for lunch.”

Les said: “It’s very slowly dying. It needs the revamp to encourage shoppers and new outlets.”

And mum Beth said: “I think it’s a brilliant idea, it really needs a revamp.

“We often come for the library, but we’d come more often if there was more here.

“We live just down the road so it would be really nice to have a centre we could come to here instead of having to go into town or drive to Imperial Park.”

Lisa said: “They’re moving with the times and what people are need.”

The proposals will be unveiled at a public online consultation next week.