Dog Banksy: Bristol rescue dog’s artworks inspired by his namesake go up for auction

The talented canine’s technique involves using his nose and paws to spread the paint

A ‘misunderstood’ rescue dog who went viral after recreating famous Banksy artworks will see his work auctioned off to raise money for Bristol Animal Rescue Centre.

The Albert Road centre is currently trying to find a home for Banksy the dog, a talented canine who has created seven unique ‘paw prints on canvas’ based on the works of his namesake Bristol graffiti artist Banksy.

The pieces include Girl With The Tennis Ball Earring, Good Panda, Treats Are In The Air, Dog And Cat, Neon Panda, (Dreaming Of) Adoption Day, and DB Original.

The pooch’s painting technique involves using his nose and paws to spread the paint, using dog-safe methods.

All the paintings will be listed on the charity’s Facebook Page today (Tuesday, February 1) with users having until midday on February 7 to place their bids by commenting on the post.

The highest bids at that point will win the prints and all proceeds will go towards caring for the vulnerable animals in the centre.

Gina Jones, PR & Communications Officer at Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, said: “We received a huge level of interest when the appeal first went viral in December, with news crews from the national UK tabloids, as well as journalists from Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and the UAE all covering the story.

“People all around the world got in touch to express their love for Dog Banksy, so we’re hoping this online auction raises just as much interest.”

Banksy had a rough start in life, having passed between a few homes already, and is now looking for a consistent and patient home where he can settle.

“Banksy is a lovely dog with a cheeky personality,” said Jodie Hayward, home manager.

“He loves training and is very eager to please, but he can get a bit boisterous and mouthy when he feels unsure as to how he should behave in certain situations.”

Banksy needs to wear a muzzle during his walks and be exercised away from other dogs off their leads. He would also be best living alone without other dogs, cats or children.

“Banksy is a misunderstood dog with lots of potential, and we are sure that he will bring a great deal of joy to the right family,” Jodie added.

“Banksy really enjoys creating the artworks, it’s a great enrichment activity for him to do with his carers and the brilliant thing about it is that every penny raised from his art will go towards helping, healing and homing the vulnerable animals in our care.”

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